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G8 SUBSEA Exploring Cooperation With A*STAR Agency for Science Technology

Jun 01,2021




G8 SUBSEA Exploring Cooperation With A*STAR Agency for Science Technology And Research To Advance Condition Monitoring and

Maintenance of Large Scaled Floating Solar System


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G8 SUBSEA is leading the industry for Floating solar system engineering and maintenance. The engineering team is advancing the long term development of advance monitoring system with Autonomous Operation and Maintenance of large scaled floating solar system through a collaboration with Agency for Science Technology and Research A*STAR.

As floating solar structures occupy a large surface area and needing to withstand the harsh offshore environment, G8 SUBSEA is developing Smart technologies to increase efficiency and maintainability of utility scaled floating solar structures. This fall under G8's GW Solar initiative to provide Automomous Operation and Maintenance (A.O.M.) .

'' Our goal is to minimize the cost of operating large scaled Floating Solar Systems with minimized personnel deployments offshore while having the technology to monitor and manage a broad range of data parameters and under water movements on the solar plant. We will be able to efficiently perform predictive maintenance in the most cost effective manner as Floating solar plants over the long term with our advanced monitoring system. ' According to Gerald Tan, Managing Director of G8 Subsea. 

''We see collaboration opportunities with G8 in the use of ruggedized sensors in harsh environments and the deployment of sensors across G8’s large area of operations offshore according to Lok Chee Wei Business Development Manager of A*STAR.