Research & Development is a core focus in G8. Our Engineers and Development Team is developing technologies for next generation floating systems for utility scale deployment enabling higher efficiency and reliability for floating Solar and Wind power generators.  Following the success of the Senoko project where we have improved the engineering of BCS (Buoyancy Compensation Sections) system to enable floats to withstand the harsh offshore environment.


The next generation MTB system will see the construction of floating PV to the next level, where consideration of anti fouling, bouyancy to counter harsher waves and tidal changes and environmental friendly HDPE material floats.  We are currently developing a MTB hybrid system where we can have micro wind turbine and FPV combine to generate both solar and wind energy concurrently. 


Addition to developing proprietary floating renewable energy structures, our engineering team is also developing the A.O.M. Autonomous Operation & Maintenance to cater for the ever increasing utility scale of solar and wind farm.  G8 Autonomous systems will be focus on self sustainability in the O&M operation to cater for the running of the plants in the most efficiently and safely towards Gigawatt Scale deployment of floating solar and wind systems.


R_D 003

R_D 001

R_D 002

Cluster height




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