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G8 has successfully completed marine support operations for 2 Submarine Cable Repair

Dec 31,2019

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G8 has successfully completed marine support operations for 2 Submarine Cable Repair works in Singapore waters

G8 marine team provided vessel and marine support works with SBSS Bold Maverick Cable Ship to conduct fibreoptic cable repair located at Singapore’s busiest traffic channel in TSS Zone. 

The work involved the recovery of approximately 2km of the MIC2 NSW cable and Stub ZTT cable on board the Cable ship Bold Maverick, Repairing both cables, deploy NSW final bight to sea bead. Install Loop Fiber End Seal (LFES) and ground rope on Stub ZTT cable, test and lay back to seabed.

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The first operation was successfully performed in May 2019 as well by recovering approximately 175m of the MIC2 Submarine cable end on board the Cable ship Bold Maverick, install LFES and ground rope, test and lay back to seabed.  Mohan, G8’s Subsea Project Manager, was the On-Shore Co-Ordinator for both repair works. 

The smooth project execution by working with the regulators, cable owner, ship operator and other sub-contractors bring together G8 Subsea’s demonstrable wealth of industry expertise in marine contracting with technical due diligence practices for project safety and success. The Company’s unique combination of skill sets demonstrates G8’s Cable Pro professional services and gives the international clients an invaluable experience of reliable and professional execution of submarine cable repair works. 

The 2nd cable repair operation was successfully conducted between 18th-28th October 2019 and G8 provided on-shore co-ordination and project management including obtaining operational permit from concerned authorities and providing guard and safety vessels for day and night operations. 

G8 Subsea is a leading subsea technology company specializing in subsea telecoms, power infrastructure and offshore renewable power systems construction and maintenance. Headquarters in Singapore with project support office across the Asia region.