Cable Protection Work for B2JS Cable System in Indonesia

Project: 10km of subsea cable burial protection

Location: Indonesia

Duration:  11 days commencing June 2018

Landmark Pipeline Project in India

Project: 2 segments of 14’’ Pipelines with Outer Diameter of 600mm and Subsea Umbilical with an outer diameter of 245mm

Location: India

Duration: 2 months including preparation in yard

Korean Windfarm Trenching

Project: 10km of 154kV export power cable transmission line

Location: Korea

Duration: 30 days commencing September 2018

Inspection and upgrading services for ST 200 ROV

Client: undisclosed

Project: Perform IMR on clients ROV trencher which includes power upgrading feasibility study.

Location: Indonesia

Duration: 5 days from mid July 2017

Project Management Services for SEA

Client: Undisclosed Major Subsea Communications Company

Project: Provision of PMT to client for multiple projects in SEA. Under G8’s CablePro management

Location: South East Asia

Duration: 6 months commencing end July 2017

Pipeline Survey (800km)

System: G8 XL150 WROV

Vessel: Miclyn Endurance

Location: East and West Malaysia

Duration: 5 months commencing end April 2017

Telco Cable Trenching (9.5km)

Project: MCT

System: DPT-5 Trencher

Location: Thailand and Malaysia

Duration:15 days in January 2017

Consultation for acquisition of M/V Limin Venture

Project: Inspection services to PT Limin in their acquisition of GMSL’s Wave Venture

Location: Indonesia

Duration: October 2016

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