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G8 accelerates and advances the implementation of large scaled industrial solar with developers and utility partners. We are developing the industry's first 20MW rated floating modular substation Solar Arc with the application of ESS (Energy Storage System) and STM (Stable Tension Mooring) to improve the economics, stability and availability of Giga Watt and Mega Watt scaled solar energy system.

G8 Developing World's First 20MW rated Intelligent Floating Solar Substation

Published on April 27, 2020


G8 Developing world first Intelligent Floating Substation for Floating Solar and Offshore Wind Industry. In the company's drive to accelerate large scale Floating Solar & Offshore Wind Power, G8 is launching the GW Solar Floating Substation system that will increase the reliability and efficiency on Industrial scale Floating Solar and Offshore Wind Energy Systems.

Each GW Floating Substation aka ''SolarArc'' is fitted with G8's Proprietary STM (Stable Tension Mooring) System and Intelligent Remote Monitoring SCADA network to provide industry leading efficiency and advance deployment of Giga Watt scaled offshore renewable energy system.

SCADA systems for Offshore Floating Solar PV  (OFPV) Farm – An advanced energy management integrated system


G8’s Energy Division broadened the already flexible SCADA to a renewable OFPV-SCADA to control and operate an Offshore Floating Photo Voltaic plant (OFPV) through the digital transformation of streaming data received from the asset frame work to scalable and actionable information for improved safety, operational efficiency, infrastructure reliability and visualising the cost & profitability. 


OFPV-SCADA is a Supervisory Control (SC) and Data Acquisition System (DAS) that supports the OFPV operator to control the plant locally or at remote locations. This integrated software and hardware control system with Energy Storage Control Ready (ESCR) module enables the operator to interact with system elements such as sensors, inverters, transformer, switch gears, substation through an user friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI). As expected, the SCADA gives real time intervention, record of events, playback with historical data etc. and helps the FPV to maintain efficiency, process the data for smarter decisions, and to address system issues to mitigate downtime. 


The system handles the environmental data, GPS positioning of the floating PV, mooring line tension details and  compares with baseline through sophisticated mathematical models and algorithms in addition to the control & monitoring of the performance of PV panels, inverters, transformer, health of submarine export power & control cable and substation equipment. 

The system runs advanced analytics on historical data, understands performance expectation and reports the real performance relative to expectations. By feeding weather data, the OFPV-SCADA can provide accurate energy forecasts, lost energy report including rate schedules to evaluate the OFPV farm’s financial performance. 

The OFPV-SCADA is an essential tool for any OFPV clean energy operator as it gives effortless management in Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM), fault identification and rectification through early diagnosis to ensure optimised operation, improve the safety, errorless documentation and billing through highly intelligent and configurable analytical add-on modules. 

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