G8 Complete Landmark Pipeline Project in India


G8 Subsea, Singapore-Norwegian based subsea technology company have successfully completed Vashista Subsea pipeline burial scope for major oil and gas company in India.

The project utilizes the recently upgraded Hermes II high powered pump barge with cutting edge shallow water burial technologies to complete the scope where numerous contractors have struggled to achieve due to hard seabed and challenging weather conditions that is predominant in the Eastern Coast of India.

The scope encompasses the burial of 2 segments of 14’’ Pipelines with Outer Diameter of 600mm and Subsea Umbilical with an outer diameter of 245mm. A total of over 1500meters of burial was completed successfully at the shallow water surf zone that G8 was contracted to do.

‘’Our subsea trenching systems have been proven to achieve the burial depth of 2m TOP as the client required and it is a showcase of our industry leading Hi-Velocity Jet Thrust (HVJT) technology and close teamwork with our end client to complete and deliver this challenging scope successfully.’’ Commented Gerald Tan Managing Director of G8 Subsea.

G8 Subsea is a Partnership and Joint Venture subsea technology company of Seatrench SA of Norway with operation and project office through Asia.

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