G8 Subsea start seabed works for Asia's Largest Offshore Floating Solar System


G8 Subsea has deployed marine survey vessel to perform seabed survey for Asia's largest floating offshore solar system. The works is contracted by Singapore's largest solar developer Sunseap and it is scoped to investigate the seabed mooring and subsea power transmission cable routes for the overall installation.


G8 Subsea is also involved in the engineering and construction of the main substation and subsea power transmission line to deliver 5 Megawatts of Solar Power to the national grid as part of Singapore's drive to increase the country's portfolio in Renewable Energy.


Mohan, Subsea Projects Manager commented, ''As part G8's technical expertise on installation Offshore Energy System, the system to Sunseap will encompass proven and industry leading technologies from Europe adapted to enhance local offshore installations, this will include the world's first floating substation system designed and engineered inhouse.''


G8 Subsea is accelerating Megawatt scale Offshore & Floating Solar Energy projects across the region. The company specializes in implementing innovative and proven subsea technology to enhance the construction and maintenance of offshore energy systems utilizing state of the art mooring technology and power transmission system. G8 CablePro® is an industry leading engineering system to construct and manage offshore power transmission system derived from proven knowledge from the north sea and sound engineering management systems. More information at www.G8-energy.com

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