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To help all industries reduce their Maintenance and Operational cost by up to 65%, and double, triple or even quadruple service life of their equipment.

To provide significant cost savings for our clients through:

  • Extended Oil change intervals 300% - 600%

  • Average Fuel savings of up to 20%; Electrical Energy Savings of up to 10%.

  • Elimination of engine/equipment wear up to 95% and major reduction in parts and equipment replacement.

  • Increasing productivity - near zero down time

  • Reducing up to 75% emission pollutants from Vehicles & Industries.

  • Considerably reducing volumes of waste oil.

Resulting in:

     Lowest Possible production Cost

     Highest possible Productivity

     Cleaner Environment

List of Products

All Polytron Ultra-lubricant Products are proudly made here in the USA with highest quality. Originally developed for the military and the government agencies as secret super lubricants, Polytron will outperform any competition due to its superior and proprietary lubrication technology. Polytron lubricants are now fully exportable, so if you are in another country and are interested in pursuing immense business opportunity, please visit our bulk sales page.

Polytron MTC

Polytron Penetrating

Polytron EP-2 Lithium Complex Grease

Polytron Fuel Conditioner

How Polytron works

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