G8 Renewal Energy Highlights


G8 Floating SMARTPower Grid with Modular ESS & SolarOur Modular container based Energy Storage Modules and solar systems are designed for easy deployment and scalability. SMARTPowerGrid monitors real time demand and supply of peak energy needs to optimize distributed power generation network. ESS provides the capabilities such as Peak Shifting, Solar Power Integration and Frequency Regulation. This will Allow Owners/Developers strategic options to sell premium peak power to consumers as part of a PPA or REC structure.

G8 Floating Solar Technology – Our concept of Floating PV application utilizing high Output 500W PV panels has a dedicated floatation system with Stable Tension Mooring (STM) will expand space utilization while increasing the efficiency and output of Solar PV power generation around the island. This system is fully modular and does not take up the limited land space to increase Solar energy Output.

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