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G8 Subsea Installs Singapore to Malaysia High Voltage Cable System


G8 Subsea engages NOSTAG10 & Crest Apache for Singapore to Malaysia Power Cable System. The project involves the infrastructure development between the 2 power utilities, Singapore Power & Tenaga National. LS Cables the cable manufacturer and overall EPC contracted G8 Subsea to install the 8 segments of high Voltage power transmission between the 2 countries across the Singapore and Johor Straits. 


G8 Subsea is contracted by LS Cables to provide subsea cable lay and specialized cable burial and protection system onboard NOSTAG10 with operations support by the Crest Apache AHT. Together with a specialized crew onboard, the NOSTAG10 will be equipped with a power cable and Aux cable lay track to perform simultaneous lay and 10meter Vertical Injector System to protect the cables along the seabed between Singapore & Malaysia.


Gerald Tan, Managing Director has commented, ''We are proud to be a part of this landmark project with LS Cables of S-Korea, Singapore Power & Tenaga National and our marine team is dedicated to deploy their subsea installation expertise to the fullest to perform the operations successfully.''