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G8 Wish all of Our Family, Friends and Partners 'Happy New Year 2022'

Dec 30,2021


Wishing All, Our Partners, Clients and Friends across the world a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2021 had just flashed past and its a time to reflect and account that more can be done on Climate Change & Global Sustainability as our world overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every nation, community and family are impacted by the virus, in the same way Climate Change will impact everyone on this planet if we do not take prompt actions and plan towards Sustainability and stabilizing our energy and communications infrastructure.

2022 presents a clear mission to everyone in G8 to do our part in developing the projects to accelerate the production of Solar, Wind & Hydro Power and creating a sustainable path to energy production. We are further improving our packages for scalable floating wind and solar to accelerate projects and clean energy developments around the world. We are also initiating important subsea connectivity to link islands and nations to strengthen power and telecommunication infrastructures towards Net Zero economy.

Energy Storage remains a missing link to stabilizing our Renewable Energy supplies. With our technology collaboration with 3DOM Japan, our team is now able to work on Lithium Ion storage with a much higher energy density and a longer cycle life. This makes the economics and transition to renewable energy more compelling. An exciting path lays ahead in what we do to close this gap with the latest technology to deliver full time, net energy zero energy solutions.

2022 will be an eventful year in G8 with numerous Solar, Wind & Hydro projects in the pipeline. Let me take this time to express our gratitude to our partners, clients and investors to support what we do with a special thanks to all our staff in G8 across the region in recognition of their hard work through the pandemic.

Wishing everyone a bright and sustainable 2022 ahead - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yours Truly

Gerald Tan

Managing Director

G8 Group